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Join our project management team

Be a part of our core team, design, develop and execute the projects and be a proud leader of the humanity.

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Join our volunteer team and feel good knowing that you help someone to achieve their goals and dreams. Give back to your community.

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Donate to a particular cause that you care about and feel you want to make the most impact to. Feel proud you are helping even you are not there.

Send us your ideas for a better future

Do you have  a vision of a better future for the humanity? We love to receive your brilliant ideas which may change the world.

Our featured projects and pricing

Orphan care

  • 1x orphan help
  • foods & medicines
  • clothes
  • education

Children education

  • 1x child help
  • tuition fee
  • school supplies
  • books

Income generating tool

  • 1x person help
  • sewing machine
  • or motorized van
  • or goat/cow

Medical Treatment

  • 80x people treatment
  • primary checkups
  • diabetes diagnostics
  • blood pressure diagnostics

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