Parvin’s Dream

This is Parvin Begum, she was married and had two baby boys. Unfortunately her husband married another woman and left Parvin and her two sons. They lead a miserable life for a couple of years and then she divorced him. She does not want to remarry. She dreams of sending her two sons to school but she does not have any money. So far she lead her family with the support of her brother who is also poor.

Last month, I met with her and asked her to learn sewing. She learned it in a month as she knew some before.

What a love story: Gazol Bhai can rest in peace knowing P4H is taking care of Komla Banu

Komla Banu, I call her Dadi (grandmother). Her husband, Gazol vai was a very funny and emotional person. He loved his wife so much. One day he watched a movie named “Komlar Bonobas”, the heroine’s name was Komla, the same as his wife who was sent to bonobas (Bonobas means forced to leave from house and sent to outside of civilization). I noticed that Gazol vai was weeping, I asked him “why are you crying?” He said ” I love your dadi so much.” Then I realized that he loves his wife so much that he could not tolerate a girl bearing his wife’s name,

P4H providing long-term solutions to build income instead of temporary assistance.

“My wife and I always dreamed of having children and raising them to be educated. We wanted our children to have better lives than us. After many years of trying to conceive, we realized maybe we were not meant to have children of our own. However, I was not ready to let go of our dream. We decided that we could still have a family and decided to adopt an orphan girl. God had plans we did not know of. After some time, we were surprised and blessed with a daughter of our own. After so many years thinking we would not have children;

Children are our future: Oral Health Awareness

A child is our future. If a child grows with carelessness, lack of nutrition, and without proper guidance then the nation will be full of illiterate, unproductive, weak, dishonest and blind resources. The nation will be as like a rudderless ship. So from the beginning of a child’s life we should be careful about their health, education, and nutrition. Projects for Humanity is trying to stand beside the children to build up their lives properly. As part of this, we arranged a program on January 2nd 2017, in 15/Roshia Primary School to present to students about oral health care and distribute teeth care products (toothbrushes and toothpastes) to the school children.

Access to a doctor and medicine is a Human Right: P4H Minute Clinic

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. The number of doctors are not sufficient to the massive number of people. Specially the poor rural people suffer since they do not have enough money to go to the town to get their treatment. P4H is trying to stand beside them by launching a “Minute Clinic” from where they will get free medical treatment by a specialist doctor.

The elderly cannot be forgotten.

I used to work as a day laborer when I was young. However, now in my old age, I can no longer work the way I used to. My only asset in life is my mud home. My wife and I never had any children. It is only the two of us in this world. We don’t have anyone to depend on. We have several health conditions due to our old age, but are very thankful to still have each other. The only thing I worry about is having three meals a day for my wife and I. I have never begged others and I never want to beg.