underprivileged empowerment

P4H providing long-term solutions to build income instead of temporary assistance.

“My wife and I always dreamed of having children and raising them to be educated. We wanted our children to have better lives than us. After many years of trying to conceive, we realized maybe we were not meant to have children of our own. However, I was not ready to let go of our dream. We decided that we could still have a family and decided to adopt an orphan girl. God had plans we did not know of. After some time, we were surprised and blessed with a daughter of our own. After so many years thinking we would not have children;

The elderly cannot be forgotten.

I used to work as a day laborer when I was young. However, now in my old age, I can no longer work the way I used to. My only asset in life is my mud home. My wife and I never had any children. It is only the two of us in this world. We don’t have anyone to depend on. We have several health conditions due to our old age, but are very thankful to still have each other. The only thing I worry about is having three meals a day for my wife and I. I have never begged others and I never want to beg.